Importance of technology

It seems the importance someone places on their business’s technology is directly to related to the degree to which it is working.  When we are trying to place a value on our IT services, the prospect will inevitably tell us they shouldn’t have to pay monthly for us to monitor, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure.  “It works fine,” they’ll say, “we can handle waiting a couple hours, or even a day for someone to come fix it.” 

When something isn’t working and they can’t get email, then, “you better be here right now.  Every minute this is down is costing me money.”

Your technology infrastructure is important.  Email, computers, servers – it’s how we do business now.  The days of buying a few computers as needed, then waiting until they break to fix them, are over.  Too much business and goodwill is lost due to down networks, lost files, and misplaced email. 

Think about buying, or leasing, a car.  Everyone gets a warranty now to cover the costs of repairs.  The warranty, however, doesn’t cover the frustration of having to take the car in to the service shop…or worse, having to get a tow.  Luxury car companies now offer free tows, free loaners, free tune-ups, for the life of the extended warranty.  They even have a system in the car that alerts the dealership if there is a problem.  If they could find a way to service your car as you drive it, they would bundle that into the warranty also.  Luxury car buyers would buy that warranty, as they know their time is valuable. 

Why then wouldn’t you want that kind of service for your business?  Successful business owners know to protect their IT investment by routinely taking care of it, not waiting until it breaks down.  They are also protecting their business by ensuring the security and business continuity. 


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