Finally, someone gets it!

I met with a prospect yesterday that actually gets it.  They are an older company – 55 years old – but have recently had an ownership change.  The new owner has already made changes, and is growing the business.  They are actually looking for a technology partner to help advise them for their growth projections, rather than just to fix stuff, and order new PC’s when they get a new employee.

I’m not by any means a “technologist.”  I don’t think new technology will change the world, and I don’t think all companies need their own email server and the latest and greatest CRM and ERP tools.  I do, however, know that the technology currently available can make businesses more efficient, and more profitable.  The key to making technology a valuable tool instead of a necessary evil is planning. 

When companies have their technology infrastructure coincide with their business plan, it becomes a tool to lower costs, increase revenue, and grow value. 

A company that is planning to double in size needs to plan ahead.  This will give them to opportunity to buy PC’s at a better price.  It will also allow their new employees to get into their job and start helping the company faster.  It’s never good to spend the money and time to hire someone, only to have them sit at an empty desk for 2 weeks, and to not have email for a month. 

Technology planning can also help manage this growth by digitzing and streamlining processes.  Company growth leads to beaurocracy within the company, and the proper technology plan can help mitigate the time spent closing sales, processing invoices, paying vendors, and communicating with clients. 

I know this seems very obvious.  Much like having architectural plans prior to building, or remodeling, a house.  However, many businesses get very focused on the day to day, and forget to plan.


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