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Everyone is a Snob

I know in our company, we can’t understand how other companies handle old PC’s, out of date software, antiquated technology practices.  We talk to prospects, then go back to the office and discuss how badly they need us.  They are completely vulnerable to security breaches and data loss, they are inefficient.  How do they get through the day?  How are they even competent enough to run a business?

Then I hear a CPA each week talk about some of his clients.  He sometimes will be concescending in his description (withholding names, of course) of the clients’ accounting practices, state of finances, etc.  He doesn’t understand how they run their business at all.  Then, of course, this CPA has 5-year old PC’s and no business email.

I guess we are all snobs when it comes to our area of expertise.  An insurance agent can’t understand how someone can even get out of bed in the morning without proper life insurance.  I’m sure French chefs don’t understand the appeal of Outback Steakhouse.

My family owns a mattress manufacturing company.  I don’t get how people can complain about the price of something they will spend a third of their days for the next 10 years on.  Then again…I’ve never had to purchase a mattress in my life.

I guess the key to running a business is to understand how someone else’s snobbery can add value to my business.