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Another Hidden Cost of Technology

Here is what we are seeing over and over again.  We have clients that will purchase new PC’s when they’re on sale at Best Buy, or on the Dell website.  Most clients of ours run some sort of industry specific management application.  Examples might be practice management software for doctors and dentists, timekeeping software for lawyers, dealer management systems for auto dealers.  These applications come with their own requirements for operating systems, RAM, processor, video card, etc.  This does not mean that their software will absolutely not work with specs other these.  It simply means that the applications have been tested with these specs, and the software company will offer support for their software ONLY if these specs are used. 

At some point something will go wrong with the management application, or the network it is running on.  We will be called to provide support.  We make sure the network, server, and PC’s are running fine, then we call the software company for help with their software.  If the specs of the PC or the server do not match the requirements set forth by the software manufacturer, they are under no obligation to offer support.  Sometimes they will help out of courtesy, but since their software hasn’t been tested with the Best Buy sale computer, support might not be as swift as we would like.

In the meantime, our client is not able to perform all of their job at the very least.  At worst, the entire office is down because the management application is so vital.  How much money are they losing in the process?  If it is a doctor and the Electronic Medical records system is down, he isn’t seeing patients.  If it is a car dealer, they aren’t selling cars.  4-5 hours can mean thousands of dollars, in addition to mounting frustration. 

I am not berating those who are trying to save a few dollars.  I know as well as anyone that is key to running a successful business.  However, there are good places and bad places to save.  The technology requirements for vital management applications are there for a reason.  If you aren’t sure if the PC’s you are looking to buy meet the required specs, call an IT service firm.  We will always be happy to help.