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Nice Green-ery

I’ve been saving this little gripe for Earth Day (not really…i’ve been thinking about it, and Earth Day seemed to be a good tiem to get it off my chest).  I have an HP OfficeJet all-in-one printer.  I recently went to OfficeMax to buy the overpriced ink.  I always enjoy playing the “will this fit my printer” game.  Here’s an idea…how about universal officejet printer cartridges?  How novel.  A little standardization would be great.

Anyway…hoping to save a little money, and a little environment, I chose the OfficeMax brand of printer cartridge, which is really just a refilled cartrdige.  I plugged it into my printer, and i get an error message telling me it is the wrong cartridge.  It is exactly the same as a brand new HP cartridge, except for one minor detail…HP doesn’t make any additional revenue when i buy the recycled one. 

Now, I’m all for capitalism, but HP has taken this too far.  After purchasing, and several cartridges, they won’t even give me the choice to use a recycled cartridge.  I, as a small business owner, can’t save a little money, nor can i do a small favor to the environment buy re-using a tiny bit of plastic.

This is the last HP printer i will ever own.